Preventive Care & Dental Cleanings in Sparks, NV

Dr. Kanellis, your local Sparks, NV dentist, and his skilled team provide a wide range of cosmetic and restorative services, but at the heart of our practice is quality prevention. Kanellis Family Dentistry offers the very best preventive care and dental cleanings near Sparks, NV because we invest in advanced technologies that help keep you healthy, even between appointments!

With our digital x-rays, intraoral scanner, near infrared imaging (NIRI) cavity detection, and more, we can spot potential issues before they get the chance to become problems. With a personalized approach and our advanced tools, treatments, and technologies, our team works to ensure the most comfortable, effective outcomes.

We offer the following preventive care services at our Sparks, NV dental office:

Professional Teeth Cleanings (Prophylaxis)

patient at Kanellis Family Dentistry receiving an oral examinationTo keep your teeth healthy between appointments and promote life-long oral heath, Dr. Kanellis recommends all patients receive dental cleanings at least twice a year. This approach is designed to prevent disease and further oral health issues from arising for most patients. Depending on the current state of your oral health, he may recommend more frequent, targeted cleanings.

For dental cleanings, our team uses the latest dental tools to provide rapid, comfortable care, eradicating plaque along the way. They will then polish the teeth to help remove stains and discoloration. In some instances, we may recommend an additional fluoride treatment to help strengthen the teeth even further, or halitosis treatment, if needed.

Oral Cancer Screenings

As part of every exam, Dr. Kanellis or one of our highly-trained hygienists will check for signs of oral cancer. We’ll visually inspect the inside of your mouth, feel the tissue inside of your mouth, and examine your throat and neck. This allows us to help keep you safe through early detection and prevention.

Night Guards For TMJ Pain

Do you grind your teeth (bruxism) while you sleep? If you do, it could lead to headaches, TMJ, and uneven tooth wear. Dr. Kanellis offers custom-made night guards to correct the problem and preserve your healthy teeth. Don’t wait until you’ve already done damage to your teeth or jaw–instead, get the solution you need right away!

Mouthguards For Athletics

Dr. Michael Kanellis posing in his officeIt’s great to stay active, and many of our patients choose to participate in sports or athletics. If you are involved in any type of sporting activity, then it's important that you protect your smile! One of your best pieces of insurance against oral trauma is a simple athletic mouthguard. Our mouth guards are customized to best fit each patient, providing superior protection of the teeth and further protection against concussions.

Desensitizing Treatments For Sensitive Teeth

Are your teeth sensitive to hot and cold? Many patients who experience sensitivity will modify their diets, even avoiding certain foods or drinks they enjoy. Our team has a better solution for you — after ruling out anything serious, Dr. Kanellis will apply a special paste designed to minimize sensitivity for months. He’ll even provide recommendations on how to keep your teeth from becoming sensitive in between your regular appointments.

Top Preventive Care & Dental Cleanings In Sparks, NV

Has it been a while since your last trip to the dentist? Our preventive services are designed to promote a lifetime of healthy smiles!

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